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Bongiovi Medical

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Dedicated to improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs through the use of advanced audio technologies and next-generation applications.


DPS Technology is a patented algorithm that can be customized for specific applications via a system of "Profiles" to deliver greater audio clarity, depth, directionality, and sonic imaging. 

DPS can be seamlessly integrated into any hardware, software, system or environment to provide powerful, cost-effective real world solutions. 

MDPS Technology is the FDA listed Class-1 Medical Data Device version of DPS.

Bongiovi MDPS Technology
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Who We Are

  • Our core team is comprised of noted physicians, healthcare professionals and audio experts with decades of experience developing innovative technologies
  • A global forum of over 400 physicians across multiple disciplines providing resources and expertise on a wide variety of medical issues
  • A collaborative company partnered with industry leaders across the healthcare and technology spectrum
  • Problem solvers dedicated to empowering patients and clinicians by developing dynamic and cost effective diagnostic solutions


Telemedicine Solutions
Featuring MDPS Technology

Our FDA listed Class One Medical Data Device System enhances critical speech intelligibility in high noise environments. MDPS is designed to improve the ability to hear stethoscopic sounds and assist in AI analysis. Our telemedicine solution can be implemented in hospital systems, closed systems (robots and kiosks), and home healthcare applications/hardware.

The Aria Stethoscope

The Aria is designed to be an integrated, high quality, extended frequency range capture device for biological sounds supplemented by an MDPS powered software application. This next-generation app enables easy integration into multiple systems, hardware or environments. The Aria is also designed to function as a stand alone auscultation instrument. Both versions employ a unique, disposable infection control sleeve to provide added protection from disease transmission.


A universal system designed to enable rapid analysis of potential medical conditions.
Sound Capture * MDPS Processing * Audio AI
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Artificial Intelligence

Our proprietary data collection devices combined with our unique Audio AI solutions provides a pathway to new data libraries and early decision making tools for medical professionals.


VR is transforming healthcare with major medical centers and universities actively researching its efficacy in the areas of pain management, PTSD and other anxiety related conditions. When introduced into VR settings, sound processed with DPS technology provides the deep “therapeutic immersion” necessary for more complete believability of the visual content.


DPS will change the way you think about sound. Our strategic solutions will inspire you to think beyond what you imagined was even possible.


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